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There have been dramatic improvements in the world of dentistry. Yet, there are thousands of people in our area who put up with dentures that simply make their lives miserable.


Amazingly, there are an equal number of people with painful dental problems who resist taking that next toothy step. You need not delay any longer, because

Dentures Have Evolved!

15590371_mDo your dentures slip, move, fall out, require loads of adhesive, fail to chew certain foods, make you look old, embarrass you when in public, or make you sore and sometimes painful?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you are not alone. What if, with one phone call, you can instantly start to improve your life? You can now look better, feel better, and once again eat those long missed, delicious foods – with a natural smile snap in denture.

New Technology To the Rescue

ZESTThere are two main categories of options – those involving dental implants, and those which do not.

Dental implants are the biggest advancement that dentistry has ever seen. We can
now use the same type of titanium metal used in hip implants and knee replacement surgery to replace missing teeth and “lock” dentures into place.

A dental implant is basically a metal rod which is placed into the jawbone. Multiple implants support multiple crowns, or a denture which snaps into place on the implants. The denture is “locked in” and does not move. Patients with an implant denture often say that they chew their food like they remember chewing years ago – when they had their own teeth!

Learn more about the different kinds of implant technology in Implant Wars!

For non-implant patients, refitting your current denture with new acrylic material can restore the fit to match the new shape of your mouth. Jawbones gradually shrink over time. Your dentures don’t shrink. When that denture no longer fits exactly to your jawbone, more bone destruction occurs – and at a faster rate! Some people are proud that they have worn the same set of teeth for 20-30 years, however we often discover much greater bone damage than what should have normally occurred. Dentures need bone to fit well. Even worse, by wearing an ill fitting denture you speed up the process. As the jawbone shrinks, a sunken facial appearance often makes people look older. There is an increase in deep age lines and wrinkles. A new denture may be able to lengthen the face, eliminating some of these unwanted features – and without plastic surgery!

A New Set of Teeth

35121314_mBest results usually involve making a new set of teeth. There are an incredible number of tooth shapes and colors available, there are even several different gum colors. We will help you pick a shape and shade that best fits your face. No two faces are alike, no two mouths are alike, and no two dentures should be alike.

Discover the options now available to patients without teeth – or those fast approaching this predicament! If you would like to discuss your options, call (212) 555-1212 now for a free consultation. And I mean absolutely free. If you are thinking, “What’s the catch?”, there is never any catch at Dental. Forget lectures, hurried appointments, and sales pressure – ever. It is our Mission Statement!

STOP! Did You Know…

  • 7701680_mMost dentists recommend a new set of teeth every 5-7 years – but the average denture is 20 years old?
  • The sore spots caused by loose dentures may become infected?
  • Dentures can discolor or change shape if they dry out?
  • Dentures can warp if they are placed in boiling water?
  • Scrubbing your dentures too vigorously can cause damage?
  • Certain medications can affect the fit and comfort of your dentures?
  • Ill fitting dentures can cause chronic bad breath?
  • Many older denture teeth wore down early. Newer teeth have been invented which resist wear much better. However, the old “style” teeth are still used in denture construction.

Ask yourself, “How much better would my life be without constant dental distraction?”

What if with one phone call, you could fix all of this? Would you do it?

If the answer is a resounding YES!, call today. Stop putting off the next step to the rest of (the best of) your life!

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