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Almost anything you could possibly want to know (or buy!) can be found here.

How to get in on the action?

Step 1 – Your Own Website

websitesThere is no shortage of companies willing to build and host your website. Some even offer free sites, allowing you to create your own page with simplistic drag and drop web page design. They do this in order to create an upsell; by allowing the camel’s nose in the tent, they hope to attract the rest of the beast.

The only problem is, for a commercial business trying to attract customers, it just doesn’t work. Search engines avoid these things like the plague. Unless someone types the exact URL into the address bar, no one will ever see it, on account of the noise.

Noise! Hundreds, possibly thousands of websites in your category are trying to attract your customers. The noise, noise, the bloody never-ending noise! How to cut through it?

Step 2 – Content

We provide SEO friendly content in easy to follow, fun to read language that makes the complex understandable. No subject is too technical. Are you:

  • A pizza parlor promoting a new recipe?
  • A private spaceflight company launching satellites into low earth orbit?
  • A futures and options specialist looking for investors?
  • A gynecologist discussing the need for hysterectomies?
  • A dentist asking the question, “Is it safe?”
  • A retail outfit in need of promotion?
  • An energy company using circular compression to create nuclear fusion?
  • A politician trying to articulate a platform and attract donations?
  • A lawyer trying to entice new clients amidst a sea of noise?



Simply provide a list of bullet points, and we will expand and expound, in a style replete with hooks and asides that will keep the reader reading. They will want to find out what’s going to happen next!

Do you know what you want to say? But you are not quite sure how to say it? Not to worry. We will work together to bring your vision to the world. We can also:

Edit Your Existing Website

You already have a site, but it doesn’t seem to do anything but sit there. We provide:

  • Editing – Tighten up existing content. Say more with less.
  • Proofreading – Fix errors in grammar, style, and spelling. If it’s a real word used improperly, Spellcheck won’t catch it!
  • Landing Page Design – Your Home Page is the first thing a visitor sees. This is where you grab them or lose them!
  • Blogposts and Articles – Folks will bookmark your site, and keep coming back for more.
  • Constant Contact – Send a monthly newsletter by email to announce new content.
  • Get Found – More than 50% of all web searches are location searches! We will make sure you are properly listed on Google, YP, Foursquare, Yelp, and all the popular business location finders.

Add Video!

Got video of a recent event? Our full service video processing department can:

  • Edit – Assemble all your loose clips into a coherent whole, and cut what needs to go.
  • Narrate – Add a voice-over track.
  •  Storyboard – A 15 minute Epic simply won’t do, on account of LAS. (Limited Attention Span). But they will watch a three part series of five minutes each! Go figure.
  • Enhance – Add background music to punch it up a bit.
  • Embed – Due to the cost of bandwidth, we would never install a video directly into your website. Let YouTube do it! They have the servers already in place. We will create your very own YouTube Channel, and embed the video into your text from there.

Step 3 – Contact!

Are you ready?

Big things start from small beginnings…
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